Offensive Sniffing for Defensive Purpose Paper Book

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Build your skills with the most popular Offensive Sniffing Kit. Offensive Sniffing, the flagship Hacker Associate course for Offensive penetration testing, fully arms you to address this duty head-on.



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Mobile devices, Wireless Networks and modern Gadgets have become ubiquitous in today’s world. Millions of people use them worldwide every day at their homes, offices, and public hotspots to log on to the internet and do both personal and professional work.

Insecure communication channel have been exploited by “Offensive Sniffer” to break into companies, banks and government organizations.

Most of the Administrator, Security Engineer and Security Architect are still clueless on how to secure communication channel in robust and foolproof way.

This is the first version of my article named HOS v 2.0 and titled as “Offensive Sniffing for Defensive Purpose”.

I have tried to explain in a very simple way what sniffers are, how they work, method of detecting sniffers, various sniffing tools and finally how to protect against sniffers. We have chosen Kali 2018 and Ubuntu 18 LTS as the platform to test all communication channel in this book.

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7 reviews for Offensive Sniffing for Defensive Purpose Paper Book

  1. Santosh Mani

    I bought this book recently.It includes all the concepts.A vert descriptive book with handson scenarios.
    The author has included everything in this book.
    Worth for money.

  2. Amrapali Gaikwad

    I have purchased this book a month ago, and no one believed that it was so interesting that I completed in 2 days.I am not a bookish person , but this book was so much informative with some hands on practicals.
    The best book quality which I have ever seen before.

  3. Jayanta Das

    A brilliant ways to understand wireless nd wireshark… The complete tutorial for the wireless tool(wireshark)… Satisfactory explanation… 😊😊😊

  4. Abhishek

    it’s an amazing experience with Mr.Harshad Shah, Best book for learning Hacking from Basic to Pro Level.

  5. Divam Jain

    Best Offensive Sniffing Book ever. Modules are taught by the CISO of the company. Everything is taught practically, better than the so-called Hacking Institutes.

  6. Bosco

    I would recommend this book to anyone who wants to learn about information security or cybersecurity.

  7. Jeevan Raj

    The best Offensive Sniffing Book for learning any kind of Hacking. I heard a lot about Hacker Associate from my colleague and I have tried some products which are provided by Hacker Associate and really it was an awesome experience with Hacker Associate. I would recommend this book to everyone.

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